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Lending club


Lending club

Not that I’m thinking about it because I’m in the middle of trying to buy a house. (Yay! Contract signed today) but I keep getting big envelopes in the mail with letters from lending club saying I’m preapproved for up to $20,000. What’s the deal with them?
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Re: Lending club

You likely qualify for personal loans from many companies.


I would start with Prosper, Lending Club and Each of these companies will let you get a pre-approval with a Soft Pull (I would still wait until the mortgage is finalized). Each will show you the terms and interest rates and will only be a Hard Pull of your credit if you go through with the loan.


My choice would be as they do not charge an origination or funding fee like Prosper and Lending Club do.


And of course, if you do not need the personal lona, no reason to get one.

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