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Lending point

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Lending point

Is this a legit company? or should I stay away from them. I was thinking about getting a personal loan from them to pay off 2 Credit one  credit cards totaling about $2500. 

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Re: Lending point

Totally Legit.


I have a new <30 day loan with them for $7,000 to consolidate.

It's expensive but in my case made sense.

It reports as an installment loan.

It was quick and painless but they do connect to your bank account so if you have any overdrafts it could be a problem.

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Re: Lending point

Yes and they are not super picky. I got approved for $11,500. With 16 inquiries, 1 bankruptcy 2 years old, 74% credit utilization and 15 accounts under 2 years old AAC 1 year 6 months. FICO score of 628

My interest is 28.9% but I was approved all my CC are paid off and my payment is $412 a month when I was paying $900 a month across all my CC so it’s almost $500 less a month with 2% more in weighted interest so still a savings.

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Re: Lending point

What bureau do they hard pull on?🤔
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Re: Lending point

@Freddy12 wrote:
What bureau do they hard pull on?🤔

the world will never know...Smiley Sad

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