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TD Fit Loan Data Points?

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TD Fit Loan Data Points?

Hi, anybody familiar with this product?  Got a prescreened letter in the mail 2-35k, 7.99-19.99%. Feel free to suggest any other PL.



EQ: 725

TU: 728

EX: 716

Util: 8%

Total credit: 100k

Discover $27,400
BankAmericard MC $29,000
BoA Cash Rewards $10,700
Paypal Credit $11,500
Citi DC $10,700
Amex BCE $9,000
Penfed PCR $10,000
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Re: TD Fit Loan Data Points?

Hi there!


Got this offer in the mail too and was wondering if you ever moved forward with them or learnt anything interesting about it.


Looking to get a PL in a couple of months and want to have a variety of good options to choose from when the time comes.

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