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synchrony hardship program?

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synchrony hardship program?

Hi all


Has anyone ever participated in the Synchrony hardship Program? Do they close all your synchrony accounts, even the ones with no balance. Any other information is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Re: synchrony hardship program?

They are easy to work with. Really low payments on hardship program. And strangely enough, you can keep your other Syncrhony accounts most of the time. It would be out of the ordinary for them to take adverse action on your other accounts.

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Re: synchrony hardship program?

Yes... @Creditaddict knows a bit about the Sync Hardship Program if i remember correctly...





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Re: synchrony hardship program?

Correct, they typically leave your other accounts alone.
Maybe cld if your overall credit is getting bad.

Computer spits out the plan offered, if not one today, might be one tomorrow, a week, a month just depends if and how far you are behind but you have to be behind before you can get it but not typically far enough behind that it even will report late on credit
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