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2nd mortgage Real Time Resolutions

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Re: 2nd mortgage Real Time Resolutions

So it would depend if the OC lives in a recourse or nonrecourse state.  Help me out here, I'm still quite weak on some of the mortgage issues.


I guess it boils down to whether they have obtained the judgement or not.  If they have, it should be listed as a public record.

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Re: 2nd mortgage Real Time Resolutions

Cut and pasted from another thread, just trying to help others. Here was my dealings wiht RTR. Kinda weird our amounts were almost the same. I realize this is super old and probably long done but I wanted to help anyone searching about Real Time Resolutions in the future. 


Long time lurker, used this board extensively to clean up my credit. I have used info here to go up about 125 points in four years. Probably not as impressive as some but it is what it is.


I wanted to add my experience with Real Time Resolutions for anyone searching about them in the future, looks like you have a baddie with them.

They had a deficiency judgement on my second after foreclousre. About 58K. They called and sent letters constantly. They were hammering my credit with an open account show 120+ days late still open, I was at 610 Fico and screwed. No one would give me a pot to piss in. 


I never called them. I kept everything in writing. They sent a few letters asking me to call them, I emailed once per day offering at 10% settlement of $5800. No response four about three months, it was December and I kept sending it daily, figured some collector would need to meet end of year goals. One day an email rolls in, they will take my settlement but will NOT pay for delete. My credit is being destroyed by this open account so I do it, I send them a certified check for $5800. Account closed, shows as settled, Fico bumps about 35 points over night. I get a secured card and start to rebuild as described many places on here. 


That was 2015, fast forward to now. I notice they are not reporting my Date of first delinquincy wrong, and it will be on my file an extra two years. For some reason they only show up on Equifax and Transunion. I dispute, comes back verified. I email them, nothing. I decided to take a different approach, I file a BBB complaint in their home state of Texas. Under desired resolution I put "I would like this account deleted" and a few weeks later they email me and the BBB and agree to delete it. 


Go figure, but my journey is over. The only reason I am in the 720 range now and not higher is my file is all pretty recent and some student loans, but there is nothing bad. Keep offering RTR 10% and eventually they will take it, but in my experience, they will not PFD. 



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