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609 Credit repair?

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

Just giving you all an update. So I mailed all 3 609 repair letters but I have only heard back from Experian  thus far. I don't understand how they pick and choose what they delete and what they verify. 

So I disputed 5 collections and 1 judgement with them. 

The judgement was removed (I know for sure the courts had signatures and paper work on this so I was kind of surprised by that)

2 collections were removed

3 collections were verified. 

And an old foreclosure (due to be removed 2018) was verified)


I don't understand the process of this. We had a collection with AT&T that is due to be removed next year that was verified, but a collection with Sprint that isn't due to be removed until 2022 that was deleted (both with the same collection company). The other collection that was deleted was from Comcast.


The 3 accounts that were verified were a hospital bill, the At&T collection, and then the one that really grinds my gears, an outstanding credit card that my hubby was only an authorized user on. This was the main one I wanted deleted because it hasn't been paid. Everything else has already been paid so getting them deleted was just icing, but I really needed this one removed. The account isn't his, he was only an authorized user on it, and they somehow verified it?!! It is due to be removed next year, and there is a $700 balance on it so I REALLY don't want to pay for it but we desperately need to get this car loan moving too so I'm not sure what I am going to do. I guess I'm going to have him call them in the morning and see what is up.


I also asked them to update all his addresses. There are like 20 addresses that are either 15+ years old, or not his at all and they didn't update any of them. So I'm going to have him call in the morning and see what can be done. I will keep ya'll updated as the letters start rolling in. If you have the letters I say go for it, so far I can say that it does work as some of those accounts would not have been removed otherwise (I've tried) but it takes awhile so be prepared to put some time into it! 

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

Op, Did you ever try the cap 1 auto prequalifier like the other poster suggested? It doesnt affect your score and they can give you an estimate of the apr. if not what you expected you can always refinance later when your scores are much better. Good Luck best of wishes.
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Re: 609 Credit repair?

Have hubby call the credit card company snd have himself removed as an AU.
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Re: 609 Credit repair?

I'm rebuilding and my highest fico is 624 (EQ). I had 2 COs with Cap 1. I paid them in full last month and did their auto prequalifier and was approved with a range of 3.9-9. I bought a 2017 CR-V Touring AWD and got 4.65. They also approved me for another play card. And I was surprised I was also approved for the Delta Amex
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Re: 609 Credit repair?

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Will Cap 1 give you an auto loan with outstanding collections? We only have one credit card right now with a $1,000 limit and it is through Cap 1. We have been working hard paying everything off to get this loan. I really think once we get this last outstanding collection removed from his account we would be approved from a bank. I checked his score last month and it was 660. That was with the 3 things that have now been deleted still on there, and the unpaid collection. 


I will have him call the original company tomorrow to see if he can remove his AU status. Then the collection agency, and Experian  to see what can be done about getting this removed from his account. 


Thanks for your help! 

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

Check using the Cap one auto navigator. It was one of the easiest car buying experiences I've had.
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Re: 609 Credit repair?

FCRA 609 is not a dispute process.  Section 609 relates to the process for consumers to request information of record in their credit file.

It permits you, upon submitting proof of identity, the request info that may not be showing in your commercail credit report, such as the DOFD.


The FCRA dispute processes are under FCRA 611 (dispute through a CRA) pr FCRA 623(a)(8) (direct dispute with the furnisher).

The rules for disputing are set forth in those sections, and not under section 609.


It is not surprising that there is confusion as to "requirments" for a "609 dispute."

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

OP congrats on the great progress so far! I think ull be surprised at the rates you'll get with his in the 660s and yours being higher. To continue rebuilding the forums I've read on here say to have 3 CCs with two having a 0 balance and one reporting less than 10% monthly. If you all can manage that b4 or after the auto loan his scores should ride into the 700s shortly while you all garden and pay down the car note.
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Re: 609 Credit repair?

may i ask where did you purchase your 609 packet and may i please have the information as i would like to persue a  609 as well. thank you

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

Just sent off 609 letters to all 3 bureaus. I got mine from a link off youtube but customized the letters and changed a few things. Will see what the results are in about 28 days
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