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609 Credit repair?

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

Just back for another update! I didn't purchase my letters anywhere, I just made my own. I know it didn't have all of the things that the "packages" include, but I didn't want to pay for the letters and I read that those "template" letters often get overlooked because they see so many of them. 


My letter went something like this : 


To whom it may concern,

                I am writing a letter of dispute. I have included a copy of my drivers license and social security card to validate my identity. In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 609 (a) (1) (A) your credit reporting agency is required by Federal Law to verify physical records on file of the original signed account or contract from any accounts you post my credit report.


                I am formally requesting to see verifiable proof of the original consumer contract with my personal signature on the record. I have listed the accounts blow, in which I am requesting said verification of. Failure to verify account records in compliance with the FCRA will damage my ability to obtain credit. Under FCRA unverifiable accounts must be promptly removed.


I formally demand the follow negative account records to be verified, and/or removed immediately.

I then wrote out each account name, the account number (whatever is listed on the report is fine) and the dispute reason (unverified account record) by hand. 


I heard back from the other 2 bureaus the same day. 

TransUnion deleted: 1 judgement



A medical bill



Equifax deleted: 1 judgement



A medical bill


They each only verified 2-3 items so about half or more of the negatives on his report was removed from each agency. 


So that was my results with the first round of letters. I don't know if I'm going to mess with a second round, I may at a later date, right now I need to get our car loan secured. Does anyone know how long it takes for things to be removed/updated from your credit file after a dispute? We did the prequiaflier with Capital one and was approved but the interest rate is almost 10% and they want over 10% down payment. I want to at least attempt with our credit union before we take Capital one's offer, but it expires May 20th and I don't know if our credit file will be updated before then. 


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Re: 609 Credit repair?

FCRA 609(a)(1) does not require a CRA to verify the accuracy of information in a furnisher's files.


It only requires a CRA to disclose any information in the CRA's files at the time of the request.

The FCRA 609(a)1) process is to obtain information in your credit file that may not be shown in a normal credit report you receive.

The CRAs dont have original credtor contracts in their files, and have no authority or requirement to obtain them for a consumer.



“§ 609.  Disclosures to consumers [15 U.S.C. § 1681g]

(a)        Information on file; sources; report recipients. Every consumer reporting agency shall, upon request, and subject to 610(a)(1) [§ 1681h], clearly and accurately disclose to the consumer:

(1)       All information in the consumer’s file at the time of the request except that--

(A)         if the consumer to whom the file relates requests that the first 5 digits of the social security number (or similar identification

 number) of the consumer not be included in the disclosure and the consumer reporting agency has received appropriate proof of the identity of the requestor, the consumer reporting agency shall so truncate such number in such disclosure”

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

You're not the first to tell me that 609 "isn't a thing" or a way to remove negatives. I don't claim to be an expert, and I don't know the laws but I know out worked. I've tried regular disputes, gw letters, pay for delete etc, and nothing came of any of it. 609 worked in removing half or over half of the negatives on the account and nothing else has so I'll take it!

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

Here is a link to 609 letters I am using to remove derogatory remarks. I'm on the third letter. I have had success in removing half of the marks, oddly they are different between the three CRA's. Anyway, this is working for me and all you need to do is copy an paste into word or google docs and follow the instructions. And perservere. The first letter responses were all the same basically saying we checked. The accounts are yours deal with it. 


The second response was pretty much the same, but the marks came off anyway. 


I expect the third letter will get the same results a non answer to my request and the last of the marks removed. 






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Re: 609 Credit repair?

What I've learned being here. Is that what these people can do we can do also. Work hard at it. 

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

How long did it take after 1st letter to get a response? After going through all the letters how much were you successful at removing
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Re: 609 Credit repair?

The blogger website link referenced above no longer works for sample 609 letters :-(


Would anyone else be able to share the samples of 609 letters that they have used successfully with CRAs or if there is another link that works?


Thanks in advance, really appreciate it!

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

Does anyone have a good example of a 609 letter to a CRA?


I do understand that technically CRAs are not obligated to perform a deletion in response to a 609 request; still this approach seems worth a try.


Also, would you recommend sending 3-4 separate 609 letters, each one corresponding to a specific debt or combining these into a single 609 letter?


All insights will be greatlly appreciated.





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Re: 609 Credit repair?

I could not open up the letter template can you please send it to me.

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Re: 609 Credit repair?

hey, what template did you use to get you collection removed? 

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