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609 letters regarding legitimately inaccurate reporting?

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609 letters regarding legitimately inaccurate reporting?

I would like to send out three "609" letters sometime this month regarding an account which has been reporting inaccurately across all three bureaus as an unpaid charge off which was in fact paid in full to a collection agency which got shut down by the FTC. The history of this account is truly unbelievable. JTM Capital Management sold the account to this company which got barred from functionality due to phantom collection practices and fraud and then later claimed to have no relationship with them in spite of legitimizing them and their claim to the charge off to me months earlier. The "supervisor" I worked on my repayment plan with from the fraudulent company on a recorded line was listed as a defendent in the lawsuit which eventually brought the company down and seeing as how I basically threw away money I could have used far more productively at the time and have nothing tangible to show for it I've decided to attempt getting this tradeline expunged a year early. At this point I do not know if having the status upgraded to "Paid in Full" would even be helpful anymore whereas a removal altogether would be monumental.


It should also be noted that almost every aspect of this account varies in reporting across the three agencies.


My question is, should I be attempting to write an involved, step-by-step and highly detailed letter? or should it simply be one page with little to no added information? I'm assuming that I should at least mention the collection fraud but I don't want to be so specific that they'll actually be more likely to get their response in on time


Any help would be appreciated.. I've had success with GWs but never tried this.. thanks

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Re: 609 letters regarding legitimately inaccurate reporting?

This is a direct dispute short and to the point would be best.

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