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623 Dispute Letter Review

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623 Dispute Letter Review



I had an account go into CO in 2009 but First Premier Bank decided to report it that in went into collections this year. I disputed this with the credit bureaus and it came back verified.In response to this I decided to write a 623 with the OC. I'm including a copy of what I'm going to send below and if you have any tips let me know. Thank You



I recently pulled my credit report from all three of my credit bureaus and to my amazement, saw that you have decided to report derogatory information on this account in (September, October, November, and December of 2009 ,January and February of 2010, as well as December of 2011). I immediately disputed this information with Experian TransUnion and Equifax and the results of the investigation came back "verified". Not only was this account not even mine, but according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), as the information furnisher, you are required to notify me of the insertion of negative listings.

Since I have disputed the derogatory information with the credit bureaus, and you obviously "verified" them, I am very curious as to what kinds of "records" you may have for this alleged account. Under the FCRA 623(8) (a), you are required to conduct an investigation on this account if I request it. I therefore am submitting my written request to you to conduct an investigation. Per the FCRA, you have 30 days to conduct this investigation and respond to my request. If you do not respond within this time period, per the FCRA, you must remove this negative information.




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Re: 623 Dispute Letter Review

It is not wise, in my opinion, to highlite a prior CRA dispute when sending a direct dispute.

That alone is grounds for immediate dismissal of the direct dispute as being substantially the same as a prior dispute.  16 CFR 660.4(f)(ii).


Providing "proof" supporting their verification is not a requirement of their verification of accuracy of disputed information.

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