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AFNI is Making Me Nutty


AFNI is Making Me Nutty

Hi everyone. Long story short...I received a Score Watch notification stating there was a new collection from AFNI. Turns out it was an old final bill from AT&T. After a lot of nonsense and thinking it wasn't mine (turns out the account number was wrong so AT&T couldn't find it), I paid the bill through AT&T and they said they would be pulling it back from collections. AFNI sent a letter stating that it was paid in full eventhough I paid AT&T. I have tried numerous times to get it deleted and get the usual, "we don't delete". I am wondering if it is possible to dispute with the CRA since the account number AFNI has is incorrect? Also, does anyone have a good email or phone number they could PM me for AFNI?  Thanks so much!!!


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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

Unfortunately they can report. The acct number could be their own internal number.


If I had that, I'd fire up round after round of GW letters. I'd also call them every couple of week or so for good measure. I'd fax them too (back in the day I got their fax off their site). Per e-mail, try I think that's it.


ETA...if after a few dozen tries at GWing don't work, try something very unconventional. They have a history of deleting after receiving a PFD request at the address above. Someone is snoozing on the other end and will cue in deletion requests without receiving a payment. If I GWed to the point I ran out of ink and paper, I'd send them a PFD request for a buck and see if they might delete automatically.

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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

Thanks! I will keep bugging them with GW letters and calls. The account number is actually the AT&T number, but they have the numbers in the wrong order and that is why AT&T couldn't find it.

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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

I sent them multiple (snail mail) letters also, no e-mail...had a response in 24 hours...

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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

thanks. I have emailed and gotten a quick response too. Unfortunatly, the response it not the right I will keep pestering them.

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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

Call at&t and have them deal with afni since you paid them directly.  Then sent dispute to CRA that it was paid to the OC

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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

If there is even one single thing wrong with how AFNI is reporting, put together a well written ITS letter.  They will remove it.  They just blasted me with an OOOLLD cable bill long past SOL, address wrong, the whole thing.  Took me a coupla months, but it's off my reports and I even got an "I'm sorry" letter.  I've also had another AFNI deletion early last year.  IMO, they are the easiest to work with.

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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

Thanks! I have been using what you refer to as the "Booner Method" feel stupid asking, but what is an ITS letter? There are mistakes on what AFNI is reporting so this might do the trick. I appreciate the help!

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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

You really need to dispute with the CRA since they are reporting it. 


Once  you have disputed it they should fail to validate therefore it will be  removed. 


I had this experience with AFNI and found this to be the best way to get a bill from Quest (can you believe that?) removed. 


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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

I really wouldn't dispute to the CRA unless it's a last ditch effort and you have a good reason to dispute.   Sometimes it causes more problems than it fixes.


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