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Amazon Store Card - Synchrony Bank?

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Amazon Store Card - Synchrony Bank?

Does anyone have email addresses they could send me to get in touch with synchrony bank and try to get them to remove a 30 day late? I paid my account off in full and this was my first oversight on the bill and a 30 day late kills credit as we know.


I have done a search and found 2 email addresses and tried them but they were sent back as not deliverable for some reason.


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Amazon Store Card - Synchrony Bank?

The best way is to call Synchrony and discuss the issue: 866-419-4096.


The other way is to log into your Synchrony account and use the chat feature.



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Re: Amazon Store Card - Synchrony Bank?

The most important piece of advice is not to give up. If at first you don't succeed, try try again. Smiley Happy


Check out this thread:


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Re: Amazon Store Card - Synchrony Bank?

Thought I'd chime in today being that I just got off with synchrony chat! I had to go through the robo chat first but finally was able to get a live person and after explaining my situation (one 30 day late back in August of 2018) I was amazed to see the CSR reply back with although he cannot refund the late fee, he will put in the request to all 3 credit bureaus to remove the 30 day late!! I was like, the fee is not an issue, please just keep the darn thing lol! Of course I still need to wait until I see that it was actually removed but I'm feeling pretty excited!! It's amazing what a small chat can accomplish! So happy I tried : ) Will update again when I see it's gone from my report! 

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Re: Amazon Store Card - Synchrony Bank?


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