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Capital One - Goodwill Letter ACCEPTED

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Capital One - Goodwill Letter ACCEPTED



This is my very first post here. Anyways on to the good stuff. I've been rebuilding my credit for the past 5 months or so, and I decided to give Capital One goodwill letter a go on a few late payments after reading several topics here with success with them.


(Nov 16) I emailed my goodwill adjustment letter to Capital One about my late payments on my credit card from Jan-Jul 2020 which were reporting well over 120+ days late. I included the reasoning why I was so late last year and why I failed to make payments in the letter. Which happened to be a result from the COVID-19 pandemic I was out of work for months, and very sick for months because of it. I made it very clear in the letter which probably helped a lot that I didn't want this to ruin my credit worthiness and my relationship with Capital One.


(Nov 19) Literally 2 days later!!!! I received a call from a very nice lady from the Capital One Excective Office (this was a 1-800 number, so don't miss the call!). The phone call lasted no more than 5 minutes, and she was calling in reference to my email to the CEO about a goodwill adjustment. She informed me that due to the COVID-19 pandemic that Capital One did acknowledge my situation and accepted my request and were going to remove all 7 late payments on my credit report. She gave me a heads up it could take up to two billing reporting cycles to see a change, if I didn't see anything after two billing cycles then to get in contact with them ASAP.


I'm glad Cap One was able to make this adjustment for me, and I wish anyone else with a similiar situation with them the best of luck.

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Re: Capital One - Goodwill Letter ACCEPTED

That's great! Congrats on your success! And welcome to the forums.

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