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Car Repo Collections

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Car Repo Collections

I have a car repo listed on my credit as $8,172.  I received notice from a collection agency for $9,449 with a settlement offer of 45% ($4,252.32).  I am outside of the 30 days to dispute the amount of the debt.  Should I just make payment arrangements on the settlement amount or is there a way to dispute the amount?  What is the best way to handle this? 


I was going to accept the settlement amount with payments and ask that they remove it from my credit once it is paid.  Does that sound like the best thing to do?

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Re: Car Repo Collections

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Re: Car Repo Collections

I had the same issue. I waited before contacting them. Now I have a judgement against me because I didnt make arrangements with them. You dont want the sheiff showing up at your door with paper. Since I didnt contact them I have to pay 195.00 a month on the car that I let get repo. So contact them before they try to take you to court.

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