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Credit Score Ups and GW Downs

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Credit Score Ups and GW Downs

I've had a couple ups and downs over the past month.


I was approved for a Capital One secured mastercard! I had to give a full $500 for a $500 limit but I was scared I wouldn't qualify for one at all so I'm happy.


My score went down from 546 to 543 due to a Fingerhut FreshStart Inquiry (which I was declined for). Then up from 543 to 556 with my new CapOne line of credit!

I thought I would try my luck opening a bank account with Wells Fargo since my history with Chase and BOA has made it difficult for me to qualify for simple checking accounts. I have been using as a bank the past two years since there is no credit check. My Wells Fargo application was declined and I got a letter in the mail citing an EX score of 538. I'll wait a few more months to try to open a bank account but for now I'm moving my money to Ally, which I WAS approved for. Their banking experience feels more premium, anyway.


Finally, I have been trying to GW Discover to remove seven late payments from 2009-2010 and I received a voicemail from someone in the executive offices while I was at work! The office was closed by the time I received the message so I planned on returning the call the next day. I figured they would send a letter if they didn't plan on removing, right?


The next morning I had an email from the same person who called me saying that "I have compassion for your past difficulties" and "I am unable to honor your request."


It goes on to say "Please understand that we have a contractual obligation to report truthful and accurate credit history to be used by other creditors and Discover for determination of a consumer's credit worthiness."


I'm a little upset.... I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't been at work to take that call.

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Re: Credit Score Ups and GW Downs

If you had taken the call, they would have told you the same thing over the phone or told you to wait for further information via mail/email.

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Re: Credit Score Ups and GW Downs

Try again with Discover.  They told me no the first 20 times or so.  Then they gave in.

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