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Credit rebuilding breaks.. needed?

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Credit rebuilding breaks.. needed?

So for those who are around often have probably noticed I have stopped posting for the past 2 weeks.. This is because I needed to take a break from credit rebuilding.. I am back however, ready and raring to take care of my final accounts.


My question to the forum is: how often/when do you decide to take a relaxing break from credit rebuilding, and when you come back do you feel more invigorated to tackle accounts? I know I do!



Starting FICO Score: 10/10: TU 498 | EQ: 502 Current FICO Score(lender pull): 09/14: TU: 784 | EQ: 752 | EX: 784
Collections Removed: Hunter Warfield, CBE Group, Merchants Credit Guide, EOS-CCA, Enhanced Recovery, Portfolio Recovery, UCB, American Collection Company, Medical Business Bureau, Jefferson Capital, Credit Portfolio Associates, FCO, LVNV, Convergent, Armor Systems
Other Negative Entries Removed:Plains Commerce CO, HSBC CO, 2008 Judgment Santander Reposession

Positive Accounts:10/10: 0 | 07/12: 6 | Mortgage Closed 5/12, Macy's AMEX $13900, Citi/Home Depot $8500, Capital One Cash Rewards $3500, BOA $7500 Total Utilization: 3%. AAoA: 2yr, 9mth. INQS: 1 TU, 1 EQ, 3 EX
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Re: Credit rebuilding breaks.. needed?

I went on a bit of a hiatus as well!  I'm charged up and ready to go!


All I have left is a 4 year old paid charge off from new millennium to get rid of and a 90 day late on an active First Premier bank credit card :

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