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Did I start to high?

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Did I start to high?

I thought since I was trying to clean up my credit, I would my fiancés as well.  His is pretty clean other than 2 mortgages that were late 5 times all together.  One had 3 30 day and the other was a 30 day and 60 day.  So I emailed everyone at Wells Fargo trying to get the 30 and 60 gw, but they declined.  I received 2 separate letters from the "executive" office.  Where do I go from here?

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Re: Did I start to high?

Get another mix of executive e-mails and snail mail addresses and prepare for another round. Like Shogun says, you only need 1 yes out of 99 no's. A no on your first GW  is a standard statistic.

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Re: Did I start to high?

Ha, I've thought the same thing before, I know the feeling.  If the CEO won't say yes, who the hell would?  Luckily, there are people capable of it many levels down from that office, it's just a matter of getting one.

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Re: Did I start to high?

Great!  Thank you...I will get another round out today Smiley Happy

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Re: Did I start to high?

Use the shotgun method,  pull the trigger and see if it hits someone that will help.

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