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Direct dispute

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Direct dispute

This is an example of a direct dispute.


Props to guiness56 and RoberEG for this one.  Smiley Happy



This is a Notice of Direct Dispute with you, under the provisions of FCRA §623(a)(8)(D), of the accuracy of information you have reported to my credit file.

       ►       (If sent to a debt collector, (CA), it might be beneficial to also include the blurb

This is a direct dispute of credit reporting. This is not a request for debt validation/verification  under FDCPA §809(b)

                  (don’t let them just simply sluff it off as a meaningless  DV letter)

In compliance with FCRA §623(a)(8)(D), and enacting regulations published at  16 CFR § 660.4, this Notice of Direct dispute includes:

Identification of the specific information being disputed:

           (specify the account number, and the specific information that is disputed under that identifying account)

Basis for the dispute:

            (how the reporting was inaccurate;    was any reporting in violation of any statutory or  regulatory provisions?  account or express agreements?  CRA reporting gudelines?  Account not yours? etc.)

Supporting documentation:

            (all documents that support your dispute; it is recommened to also include, as part of your documentation, at least a copy of the portion only of your recent credit report showing their reporting of the disputed information was actually reported to your credit flle.  The implementing rule suggests a  showing  that it appeared in your credit report)

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Re: Direct dispute

Thank you for the post, this is excellent information, not to mention the most accurate information for those that need something to utilize for a direct dispute

Thank you very much,
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Re: Direct dispute

Hi Shogun Smiley Happy 


Can you please provide an explanation on the difference between a debt validation and a direct dispute?  For a newbie please.. 


I'm in the process of drafting a letter in the event my CRA disputes come back 'verified'. I would like to have a better understanding of the two. Thank you so much!

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Re: Direct dispute

A DV is asking the CA to validate a debt is owed.


A direct dispute is saying something is reporting incorrectly on the account.


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Re: Direct dispute

Thanks so much Guiness! I was just reading on another post how it may benefit more to do a direct dispute if an account is not removed after disputing with the CRAs. I honestly thought the two were the same.. silly me. Thanks again. 

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Re: Direct dispute

You can use the direct dispute with the creditor/CA to try and have it removed.  You must have documentation so as the creditor/CA will not say the dispute is frivilous.


A DV is only for CAs, not OCs.

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Re: Direct dispute

If you have previously disputed via a CRA and the dispute was concluded, the furnisher can dismiss any subsequent direct dispute on substantially the same information without any requirement to investigate.  Furnishers are only required to conduct one investigation of asserted inaccuracy.


You can still send a direct dispute, but they can summarily dismiss it.

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Re: Direct dispute

Yes, but if you have documentation you didn't before, I would still submit it.  

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Re: Direct dispute

If they dismiss it, don't they have to contact you after 5 days?

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Re: Direct dispute

Here's a neat trick I learned,


I was able to get eight (8), yes 8, collection accounts deleted from all three bureau's.  I settled all the collection accounts and then I filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau pleading ignorance of the FCRA by saying that since the accounts were settled, they should be removed.  Well the BBB's sent my complaints to the respective collection agencies and ALL of them wrote back to BBB's stating that the accounts were settled and that they would have the accounts deleted.  Now the BBB nor the collection agencies are required to do anything about this, but collection agencies get so many complaints they try to resolve as many as they can successfully, especially when they have been paid.  Go the BBB route for any paid collection account.  Just plead ignorance like you don't know the FCRA and they'll come right off.

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