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Final Collection Help

Final Collection Help


After months of reading, I’ve been able to successfully remove inaccurate collections from my reports and teach others the tips of credit. I’ve very grateful for everything I’ve learned.

Today, I received a Debt Validation letter response back from my last collection. It is for an account paid Off to another agency on behalf of the hospital for a lesser amount. At this point, I have every bill that hospital has sent through mail, and total balances physically from the office, and a follow up on the phone to make sure I took care of what I need to. This debt should not exist and has been on my report for over a year now.

Collection Agency X on my file as of early 2018. Validation is a bill I paid to Collection B for a lesser amount in return for not being reported anywhere. Collection Agency B was sold this debt by Collection Agency A. Both A and B denied being the owners of the debt, and only collecting on behalf of the hospital. Hospital wrote off debt and denies having ownership or a way to directly pay.

At this point that I have this and the receipts, and direct bills owed from the hospital (along with who is responsible for receiving payments), do I just send this to the CRA reporting this that it is an already paid debt? Or do I send this to Collection Agency X in hopes they’d realize they aren’t authorized to collect on it?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Final Collection Help

Same boat. Medical collection.
It's my last one and was actually covered by insurance. I have all my docs.
In the end, I've had to get an attorney involved. He works on contingency,so he's not getting a dime until it's paid.
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Re: Final Collection Help

Send copies of the settlement to the one trying to collect currently along with a letter stating that you will be contacting the states AG if this isnt immediately removed from your CRs. It is illegal to attempt to collect anything left over from a settled for less than full balance it is actually fraudulent representation.

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