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Help me understand please!!!

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Re: Help me understand please!!!

It's ok, I think I understand MOST of it now that I have taken a step back and calmed down...


From what I understand, The account was 30 days late as of May, 2006.   It was charged off as of August, 2006 and sent to CA.   The CA is who I entered into an agreement with and "settled in full" with.   The OC received the information and payment on 1/31/07 and wrote off the balance ($150) in Feb 2007.   My credit report has shown me as having a past due balance since that time.  I disputed the balance in Feb, 2009 and it came back verified.   I then sent a PFD letter to OC.  They responded back and said that it was settled in full on 1/31/07.  However, in the collections system of the computer it was still showing a past due balance of $150 so they were verifying it with the credit bureau.   Somehow the dispute is NOW coming back as being paid in full but the date first reported is changed to April, 2007 and the charge off status is changed from August, 2006 to April, 2007.   That is where I got confused. 


Sorry to confuse you all and thanks for taking the time to read.   Just goes to show you shouldn't type when you are worked up. 



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Re: Help me understand please!!!

The "reported since" date should be the date the creditor first reported anything to the CRA.


Some do not report until an account goes bad. Do you have reports prior to April 2007 showing this being reported?



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Re: Help me understand please!!!

I know this thread is a bit old, but.. 

What should a person do if the "reported since" date is incorrect?   Target NB is, as far as I can tell, misreporting to EX with a "reporting since 04/2009" on an account that was C/O in 09/06 paid in 08/07 and previously reflected somewhat correct information (made the mistake of disputing them asking them to fix it on EX and EQ..).  My EX score dropped 57 points since it seems to read it as charged off in 04/09.  EQ reflects a 90+ late (R/F) in 04/09 but the DOLA is untouched. TU is untouched and DOLA is still 08/2007. 

I don't recall what the reported since date was prior to the update, but it was probably sometime around the time the account opened, in 2003.  It certainly wasn't 1-2 months ago.

I've gotten so confused, and gotten so much conflicting info. The DOFD is still the same, it's supposed to come off in 2012.  It still appears that the change in reported since is what is affecting my score. I wrote Target about it, highlighting the "reported since" date on the copy of the EX dispute "resolution" I recieved. Target's letter says I'm incorrect in reading it that EX has it as CO 04/09 (now changed to 05/09), but doesn't address the "reported since" that I highlighted on the page, just says that "date of status" "last reported" and "account history" are correct.  Account history states "C/O as of April 2009."     EX, when I called to talk to a real person, indicated that the only reported CO date is 2009.  Granted, the person answering the phone may not know more than I do..    I'm so frustrated!


Edit: CSC (EQ) sent me a letter that I just opened.. saying they couldn't process the dispute because it isn't currently on my report  It's no longer on EQ ,checked my score and it went from 587 to 615!  .  Yay!  

Its still showing on EX, though. 

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