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How are my 3 reports so VASTLY different?

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How are my 3 reports so VASTLY different?

Hi guys and Gals, Long time lurker first  time poster, I am starting my credit repair journey and im just a little confused here, all 3 reports could not be more different its like all 3 belong to different people how is this considered accurate  reporting in anyway?  can I clear this up? which one is correct lol   so many questions sorry  but thanks in advance

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Re: How are my 3 reports so VASTLY different?

If could please post the scores and where you got them from would help. Cant try to fix it until we can see whats broken. If the're Vantage and FICO scores. There will be a lot of variations in the scores. Each CRA can have different things on them that lead to lopsided scores.

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