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Macys has looong memory!

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Macys has looong memory!

Just to share...


i am credit rebuilding from a bad divorce in 97" the time i was only 25, became a single mom and decided to feed my kids instead of pay my credit cards...everything has aged off and i have almost clean (except 5 medical co on TU, which I am disputing) credit...just this past 2 months i began to apply for credit again (have been AU on visa from new DH, who's scores are in 800's)...I applied and received a AMEX Blue, Amazon Visa and GE Money MC (last 2 with low cl and huge APR, will sox draw) and was recently denied for a Discover More d/t co on TU...I decided to try for a retail to liven up the mix and applied for a thank you message online and decided to call BD #from here...the CSR was able to bring up my old account from 97' and stated the balance($900) that i owe...the lady was rude of course and what i wanted to ask her was if i paid the balance would they open the account again from that date...


has anyone had this experience and what happened?


What other retail card would be good if I can't get this one?


Which credit cards report AU?


Fako-TU 650/Ex 699/Eq 693


Your Latest FICO® Scores TransUnion 700 1/7/2009 Equifax 747 1/7/2009 Experian 759 1/7/2009
March 09 TU 691 EQ 733 EX ? (739 Plus)
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