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Medical collections

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Medical collections

Is it better to pay off a medical bill or fight it to have it removed? I was fighting my DR. About the diagnosis on a bill because Insurance wouldn't cover it and while that was happening I was reported to credit. I lost the fight with the Dr and insurance so I started making monthly payments with the creditor and I'm almost done. Now, I'm trying to buy a house and it's bringing down my score enough to make a difference in the mortgage percent.  So, should I pay it off or should I fight the creditor to have it removed from my credit?

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Re: Medical collections

Ask them if they'd remove it after it's paid.  That would be the best outcome for you.

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Re: Medical collections

If issues over the legitimacy of the debt have been resolved, and you are in the process of paying the creditor, I am unsure what would be the basis for disputing their reporting.  What is inaccurate?


Paying is apparently under some agreement reached with the creditor.  The legal obligation to continue those payments is entirely separate from any issues over their credit reporting, so I dont see a one-or-the-other issue.


What is the basis to "fight the creditor to have it removed from my credit report"?

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