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Need Advice Please

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Need Advice Please

So here's the deal:


I have an old collection account from Verizon thats being reported on all three of my credit files. Also, the same Verizon account is being reported by Midland Funding. This account is due to drop off my credit file no later than July 2013. What should be my course of action to get all accounts deleted from my credit reports?

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Re: Need Advice Please

Verizon is pretty hard to get deleted....I don't have any personal experience but just look at some threads (most recently duncanrr's) and the seem like a tough cookie to crack.

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Re: Need Advice Please

Actually, those are both cookies to crack.  Good news is they don't have much longer to stay on there, they're really old.  You could try a PFD.

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Re: Need Advice Please

I was thinking of asking for a PFD, but I don't want to contact them only to have the account updated and push back my SOL.

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Re: Need Advice Please

what state are you in? does contacting CA renew the SOL?

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Re: Need Advice Please

Offering to pay with contingencies, such as CR deletion, is not a firm offer to pay, and would not reset the SOL on that basis.


If both the OC and a debt collector are reporting, you offer PFD to one, and after the debt is satisfied, request GW deletion from the other.

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Re: Need Advice Please

Im in the state of Kentucky. I really want this account deleted. It's the last collection I have showing on my reports. I just want to take the best course of action. 

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Re: Need Advice Please

Last year I successfully got Midland to delete and old Verizon account from my CRs. I told them that I had no knowledge of any unpaid balance and had never received notification that my Verizon account was going to collections. After about 5 minutes of back and forth they agreed to a PFD. I paid the agreed upon amount and they removed it from all 3 CRs within 10 days or so.

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