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Phase 2 Complete

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Phase 2 Complete

As of yesterday, the last payment on all my old debt cleared the bank!  Phase 2 of my rebuilding process is complete!


I started Phase 1 in November 2010 by pulling my credit report to see where I stood.  I sat down to figure out what I could pay immediately and what I would need to pay out over time.


Phase 2 started in November with me paying off smaller items:  a couple hundred dollars on a student loan that got missed in consolidation, and $150 on an old credit card.  In addition, I had two Capital One charge offs, which I set up payment arrangements on.  One was paid off in May, the other yesterday.  For the record, Capital One was great to work with... their collection agency not so much.


Now for Phase 3, which is waiting for baddies to drop off my report and never being late on a payment again.  Challenge Accepted!

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Re: Phase 2 Complete

Great Job! I really enjoy reading these types of posts. It gives me hope on my adventure.....

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Re: Phase 2 Complete

Thanks!  I was so certain I would end up screwing it up.  I had basically completely ignored my credit for years, always assuming it was hopeless.  I've even gotten past the obsessive credit report pulling period :-)

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Re: Phase 2 Complete

Excellent news!!!!  I know that feeling!  I remember getting crap 1 paid off...and Midland Credit Mgmt too.  I just!  During that 1.5 yrs paying those off, I'd even had older baddies drop.   I'd ignored bad credit for a LONG time! 


I had to laugh about the obsessive credit pulls!  Been there too!

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