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Santander Success!!!!

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Santander Success!!!!

In the beginning of April I emailed Santander a GW to remove lated on my TL.  Apparently they bought out CitiFinancial and are now holding my car loan.


So I emailed the GW to which I received a speedy response telling me to call an toll free number for assistance with my "Credit Disputes".  I hesitated on calling because I figured they would just say no.


So while handling some other business with them, I asked the rep if he would help me and he also told me I had to call this toll free number. So IO bit the bullet and called.  At first the rep answered and it sounded like he was going to be hard to deal with.  I explained that I was calling to request that some lates on my report be removed.  After verifying my account he put me on hold and said okay I have had the lates from your account removed.  May I have an email address to sent you a letter confirming what Ive done. 


Just like that he removed the lates and emailed me a letter stating so.  No haggling, no whining, no begging!



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Re: Santander Success!!!!

Wow, they are a hard nut to crack.  And not very nice about it either.


You did good!

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Re: Santander Success!!!!

Santander has been a consistent throrn in my side haha So congrats on getting them to do something positive for someone..




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620Re: Santander Success!!!!

Can you inbox/ private message me the info so that I can attempt to get some help... Trying to get a home and need 24 points for a 620... Thx

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Re: Santander Success!!!!

Congrats!   Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Santander Success!!!!

Congratulations! Would you be so kind as to PM the phone number you called to have the lates removed. Santander is really messing up my auto-enhanced FICO score. Thank you in advance!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Santander Success!!!!

I'd really like to know their contact info as well.  Great job!

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Re: Santander Success!!!!

I emailed Santander GW letter and they replied with a contact number. I called the number and asked for a removal, but they declined by saying they no longer accept "courtesy removals" after Aug 1 (I assumed she meant 2011). I asked why and she stated because of legal reasons. BTW I had some lates due to is the email:


Dear Customer,


            Please contact Santander Consumer USA Credit Dispute Hotline at       866-923-9282 or  214-237-3430  for further instruction on how to have your credit reporting inaccuracies verified.







Any other suggestions will be helpful.

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Re: Santander Success!!!!

Yes I am aware of this new "regulation" as I have had to contact them again after the regulation went into place.  AND if they issued a courtesy previously, it expired! Meaning those lates went right back on your report but they havent shown back up on mine as of yet!  Lets hope!

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Re: Santander Success!!!!

Hi, can you please PM me the number you called for Santander? Thanks

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