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Score climbing slowly but surely

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Score climbing slowly but surely

Waiting for my fico alert change email is almost like waiting for a text or email from that guy you are obsessing over.  Whenever I see "there has been a change in your fico score" my heart skips a beat. 


Since I signed up in July, my score has gone from 644 to 665.  I really want to hit 720 within a few months but I don't know if that is realistic.  I am down to $3,099 in credit card debt.  Anyone out there think I can paying off this amount will boost my score that much?

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Re: Score climbing slowly but surely

I'm the same way. Everytime I get an e-mail or a text message about a score change, I have to log-in immediately. I started out with my scores in the 650-ish range at the beginning of this year and have improved them to the low 730's.


I don't know if just paying you CC's down will be enough to get you to 720 in the next few months or not. Do you have any baddies you're trying to get rid of? If so, that would definitely help.

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