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Stuck at 650 what next?

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Stuck at 650 what next?

I have raised my score over 100 points in one year but now I am stuck at 650 and can't seem to move....any advice out is my current situation



Cap one CC = $500 limit 0 balanace 17 month payment history 

Cap one CC (rewards) = $500 limit 0 balance 6 month payment history

Great Lakes (student loan) $6K balance $72 monthly payment 10 year clean payment hisotry 



Wells fargo education = 5 student loan trade lines with late payments.  Have GW'd many times with no luck even after my rehab was done.  Accounts where open in 2001 and show no negative payment history since 2009 

National bank of commerce = Charge off DOFD was 2006 will not remove 

HSBC = Paid Charge off will not remove 2009 

First Premier Bank = Charge off will not remove 2009 


Need help in breaking through to the next level  any advice would be great!  Thank you 

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Re: Stuck at 650 what next?

Those baddies are still holding you back a bit.  You have some positive TLs that will grow and develop more over time.  Might try to add a few more positive TLs to beef up your CR a little more, of course that will cost a bit of drop at first due to the AAoA and Inq.   You could also keep plugging away at those baddies, they may say no 100 times, but it only takes one yes.  Good lucks!

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Re: Stuck at 650 what next?

+1 w/ Shogun

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