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Student Loans after Chapter 13 discharge

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Student Loans after Chapter 13 discharge

Due to a Chapter 13 (discharged 10/2012) I had 8 accounts reporting as negative(being paid by insurance) on my report.  Now that I'm discharged they are being returned back to Sallie Mae from the guarantor as positive(never late) accounts.  Should I expect a score increase?  If so approximately how many points for 8 accounts?  My current FICO is 605.


Current limits are

Cap 1-1000

Merrick Bank-1000


Credit One-600

Household/Cap 1-400

First Premier-300


Starting Score: EQ: 605 (10/21/2012) Trans/Walmart: 641(10/26/2012)
Current Score: EQ: 678 (4/9/13) Trans/Walmart: 693 (5/13/13) EX: 648 (4/10/13) Lender pull

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