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What do I do?

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What do I do?

First I'd like to thank everyone on this forum, I have found a lot of information in such a short time and I feel more comfortable trying to manage my credit.


I have been watching my reports for about 6 months now and there is collection listed on all 3 of my reports for an old Time Warner Cable bill. Long story short I didn't pay my last bill when I moved but about 3 months later I realized I hadn't paid it so I called Time Warner and paid it directly to them. This was in 2007 and until a few months ago I had completely forgotten about it. Then as I was reading my reports I noticed I had a collection from 2007 for the exact amount of that bill that I had paid TWC for.


My question is what do I do? I paid TWC but I didn't realize they had already sold it to a CA. I don't want to pay it again but I also don't want it dragging my score down for another year (reports estimate it will fall of in 10/2012).


Any suggestions?

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Re: What do I do?

It might be worth a try to call TWC and see if they'd be willing to pull back the acct from the CA since it has already been PIF.  If not, I believe that COs that are a year away from falling off, and for small amounts, don't affect your score much at all.  I've gotten one removed that was reported for about 6 years and had no score change.  

Welcome, you are in the right place for rebuilding.

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