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What the H*** going on?????

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What the H*** going on?????




                                                   I need some one that explain how they can do this!!!Ok about two years or three years ago  I had a repo and I know that's bad but lost me second job and money wasn't adding up and it was tight with two and now one.However,I new it would bit in the butt, but was planning to settle it off But , here the THING, A COMPANY NAME PORTFOLIO OWNED THE ACCOUNT,and it was on my credit report but also,a company First national collection wanted to settle both on my credit report for the same account?So, I called the second company first and they said yes , where collecting for Cavalry portfolio service for them.So, how can they both be on my credit reports for one account that really hurts my score every month they say I'm late on this account know it's going to be on my report 7 years but,it would show 0 balance. I"m trying to get my credit back in shape and I have car  that i finances and never late on. So, please some Help.Smiley Sad

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