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no score increase

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no score increase

two days ago i had 2 collection medical accounts deleted, but my score didn"t increase, is it that my

score hasn't updated yet?

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Re: no score increase

How old were the collection account that were deleted ? IE date opened at the CA or date assigned

Equifax My FICO score 814 11/29/2016, Discover TU FICO 807 12/29/2016 Citibank Equifax Bankcard FICO score 827 12/27/2016 Average of Accounts 13 years and no Installment accounts, 1 TU inquiry in 2015
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Re: no score increase

And how are you tracking the deletions / score changes?

Starting Score: EQ 583 TU04 619 EX 592 (lender pull) 2010
Previous High Score: EQ 700 TU04 712 EX 726
Current Score: EQ 740 TU(Discover) 750 EX(AMEX) 747
Goal Score: 740+ all around

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