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what to do about wfds/wds?

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what to do about wfds/wds?

So here is the sob story.  I was divorced in August of 2008, where my ex was given the responsability for the van that was financed thru well fargo dealer services.  Long story short she never made the last payment. In August of 2010 I became aware of this and paid the debt.  Wells Fargo not only chared off the last payment, they also hit me 90+ late x 18.  I did not know they could do both. 


Over the last few years I have contacted WFDS by both phone and thru goodwill letters (divorce decree enclosed).  Over the phone the would not do anything (its your responsiability and the information is accurate).  I have never recieved a response from the letters.  How do I proceed with this?  It is the last of my baddies and would love to get this removed.


Thank you in advance for any advice.



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