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HIPPA Success...


HIPPA Success...

First, thanks Fused!!!!


I recently had a successful HIPPA process that I thought I would share.


1. Followed the steps in the thread (they seem like a lot, and maybe you don't understand, but follow them)

2. My case was a verified unpaid dental bill.  Following the process I paid the amount I owed the original creditor 

    minus the interest, etc, that the CA tacks on (okay, I deviated a little from the script)

3. Dental office sent letters to all (3) CRA's instructing them to remove any reference to the collection account

    (They were also nice enough to send me a copy of the leter to CA's and a statement reflecting a $0 balance)

4. Collection has been removed from all reports

5. Whole process took about 1.5 months.


Okay, okay, I got lucky probably.  This dental office was pretty nice once they got paid, so your results may vary.  The point is that the process does work.


Good Luck!!!

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