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sent pre-HIPAA letter to TansUnion

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sent pre-HIPAA letter to TansUnion

I have an unpaid medical bill on my account reported by a CA.  It is far past SOL.  On 11 May 2009 I faxed a hand written pre-HIPAA letter to TransUnion and they updated the account to from date reported 09/11/2008 to Date reported: 05/01/2009 and wrote:


"Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements."


I don't understand, shouldn't they send me the info I requested?



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Re: sent pre-HIPAA letter to TansUnion

You did not read the HIPAA process. IMO all disputes and letters are sent by mail!  Not faxed or email.


The idea is to have a complete paper trail.


You must wait until you receive the completed notice from the CRAs and then move on to the next step. The CA may or may not send you a notice within this time frame.

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Re: sent pre-HIPAA letter to TansUnion

I did read that but I thought if I wrote down and kept a fax confirmation #  that it would be part of the paper trail.  In fact I wrote on the letter "I am sending this via fax to ensure you recieve it"  I quess if I send mail then I can see you actually signed for it?  That does make more sense.  What should I do now?  Wait about 30 days and move on to the next step?


Thanks for your help

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Re: sent pre-HIPAA letter to TansUnion

I read on the contact information page on the transunion website that they do not respond to faxed disputes because they do not consider it a secure form of communication. I could find it again, but even if I do I would not know how to post a link.  
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