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Debt Free Finally

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Re: Debt Free Finally

Congratulations @Gmoney144 . Well done. You are going to make people jealous.

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Re: Debt Free Finally

Just giving other people here motivation.   Being debt free is a load and stress I didn't realize  I had.  Never paying interest on Credit cards again!!

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Re: Debt Free Finally

@Gmoney144 wrote:

So. for the first time in 22 years I'm debt free.  I paid off Credit cards, student loans and a car loan   Still have a mortgage so technically not debt free. It took an near life threatening injury to alter how I looked at finances.  While recovering, I happen to browse these forums and 4 years ago I went to work to correct my financial status. First, I divided 15k in CC debt between 2 of my DW no interest CCs. Next I paid of my car in 2 years. Last, I paid off my student loan debt that was over 100k.  It was not easy and there were minor setbacks but we persevered.  Some things I would do differently at an early age?  Take a personal finance course in college.  I think it should be a requirement at a university. Attend a state or public university. I went to a private college and the juice is not worth the squeeze if one's majors in a non tech or science( as I did).  Maximize your 401k matching fund and start a business.  That is what Ive learned in the 4 years. Thanks to everyone for the great advice given. 

Congratulations on achieving this milestone.


Next step is to get rid of that mortgage some day.

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Re: Debt Free Finally

Man that's a good feeling to finally have. Been there once, its very nice!

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Re: Debt Free Finally

Congratulations! This is huge and so worth it to have that feeling of freedom!

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