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Hi ... my name is Trix and it's ...

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Re: Hi ... my name is Trix and it's ...

My DH is clueless when it comes to this stuff, and financial issues.  Maybe that is why his exwife left him with a bunch of CC debt.


I keep it simple.  "Do you want to buy a house someday, or keep putting money in <landlords> pocket?  


Landlords are a piece of work.  The husband busts his butt 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and the wife gives him nothing.  He doesn't even carry a dollar.  Wife and unemployed 22 y.o. son go out for lunch every weekday.  Son collected UC for 2 1/2 years, now works under-the-table out of their garage, and lives off of Mommy.  She won't cook so they get takeout for dinner 4 to 5 nights a week.  Our apartment is very clean, but things are very old.  (Tub spigot leaks when off, roof leaks every time it rains...)  She wouldn't replace the kitchen faucet until it corroded so much that the water started spraying out of the top of the faucet all over the kitchen.  I know it could be much worse, and I can't tell them what to spend their money on, but it REALLY keeps me motivated to continue grooming the CR and get out of here!  I want to choose what I have to put up with, not let somebody else do it for me! 


My goal is to not get into another rental, and start investing in our own home. 

i know I can...I know I can...I know I can...

Smiley Happy



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Re: Hi ... my name is Trix and it's ...

I feel for you Hunting Mama.   I wonder if my roomies talk about me (their landlord) the same way?  


They had to have stepped on the toilet seat to break it clean through.  Then told me that I had to replace the toilet seat.  I refused becuase it was not a break from wear and tear.  It obviously came from abuse.   It broke all the way through where the stubby thing meets the toilet bowl.  Normal sitting on it would not do it.  (The girl is like 95 pounds maybe and the guy is like 150 pounds.  The seat was not even cracked when they moved in!)


What else?  They lost their grip on something heavy and it crashed into the light and fan fixture, knocking it loose.   They said they would pay to have it fixed or replaced.   To date they have not (been more than 6 months).   


What else?  The intake vent (near floor level) is filthy!   I told them they had to clean it.  They told me I had to replace it.  They said it was like that when they moved in.  Uh, no, it wasn't.  It was brand new - literally installed the day they moved in.   


Lol - so I wonder if they talk about me like that - horrible landlord?   The girl has told me that she does - that she tells everyone I am a horrible landlord becuase I won't do what she wants immediately!


There is a HUGE difference between the situations Hunting Mama.   It sounds like your house stuff is truly old and worn through and proper maintenance was not and is not done.  In my case, almost everything was literally new (within a few weeks) of them moving in.  [ lol - they even told me that the freezer (full size)  that was one year old was too old and had to be replaced!]  And I maintain things, like gutter cleaning, the yard, changing the furnace filter, changing the smoke detector batteries, etc.  The roomie renters just don't want to do anything themselves or take care of anything.


I wish you well in your quest for your own house!  Don't forget to budget for maintenance items!


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Re: Hi ... my name is Trix and it's ...

Sounds like your tenants are taking advantage of a good situation.  What goes around will come around, just do whatever you can to prevent them from biting you in the arsss.   I can understand that it is really hard to find good tenants.  Especially long term ones.  Your post definitely makes me think twice about becoming a LL!  I don't want that kind of stress!  Good luck finding someone that will respect you and your home the way they should!








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Re: Hi ... my name is Trix and it's ...

Thank you.   Sadly, I don't think they truly understand how it works with renting.  In their minds, I must be super rich becuase they are giving me money each month.   What they do not realize is that having them "rent" from me has extra expenses  that I normally would not have.  I choose to beef up my insurance coverage (4x the risk that something will happen to my place), get an umbrella policy (just in case they do something stupid or harmful on my property), pay local and federal tax on the rental income (even though technically I don't have to claim it, I am),  higher wear and tear on things, and I have to have a reserve fund to pay for "emergencies" like when they stuffed food down the kitchen drain and I had to call a plumber.  (STILL waiting to get reimbursed for that bill!)   And I had to take out a loan to do some "repairs" that I felt needed to be done, so I have THAT loan payment on top of the mortgage and other increased expenses.  I don't make a penny in profit with them here.  They know they have an excellent deal here.   And when the female starts threatening to move, I tell her to go ahead - I don't mind.   All of us know she can't touch another rental for the price she has here.  Her words are empty threats and she is learning that it won't work to manipulate me into doing what she wants.  There is no lease - just a month to month verabl agreement.  <------  I thought that would be scary, but it's actually working out great.  Of course, if I have to evict them, it's on my dime and I can't go after them for it.   But at this point, they pay the rent and their utilities on time.  It (eviction) is unlikely to be an issue.


Lol -  but comparing apples to apples,



-  they drive a newer, nicer car than me.

-  they eat out several times a week.

-  she has at least 30-50 pairs of shoes!  (I have the bare minimum shoes to get around in.)

-  she has a lot of jewelry (I have little).

-  they spend weekly on themselves -- I don't.  I have to be pushed to purchase clothes for me, etc.

-  they put money into savings each week -- I go paycheck to paycheck.  

-  they have a car payment -- I do not.

-  they do pay for somethings with credit -- I try to pay cash for everything.

-  they must have new everything -- I am ok with second hand and used stuff.

-  they rent -- I (almost) own (have the mortgage).


Hang in there, keep good records of things in your rental house, and keep working towards the goal of being able to buy your own house!   And remember to have a maintenance budget and reserve account to handle things that need to be taken care of in your very own house.  Smiley Happy



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Re: Hi ... my name is Trix and it's ...

NY_Beauty wrote:

Are you serious?  He sounds like a winner.  Insecure too.

Must be a young couple.


My finace' could not care less what I'm typing right now, as she lays on the couch watching TMZ on her Kindle Fire.

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Re: Hi ... my name is Trix and it's ...

People think landlords are rich.... but actually they aren't... they are just the poor fools willing to work a little harder every now and then to build assets and equity. It stinks to be the one responsible if the heater breaks Smiley Sad

That being said. The OPs landlord appears to be in avoidance and enabling land.... time to stand up for yourself and stop settling for less than an appropriate amount of respect from your wife and son

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