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Will my ex ever be removed from my CR?

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Will my ex ever be removed from my CR?


I apologize in advance if this is the wrong board to post on. A decade ago, I made the mistake of signing up for a mortgage with my now-ex boyfriend. Stupid decision, I know. The loan has been closed for 4 years now and I have not seen or talked to that ex in 5 years. Now, every time I go on annualcreditreport dot com, or any other credit site that requires I answer multiple choice Security/Identity questions about my credit history and past, I get asked about my ex's family members, etc. Luckily, I have answered the questions correctly so far, but its a annoyance to have to be reminded of someone I do not want anything to do with. Their name is also listed on my credit report as "Spouse/Co-borrower". I hate it! 


The mortgage loan I had with them went into foreclosure, and is due to fall off my credit report in a few more years, will my ex fall off my CR along with the foreclosure?

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Re: Will my ex ever be removed from my CR?

The security questions about people are from Lexis Nexis. They are not legally allowed to supply such questions because it gives out personal information about people who are not you. Unfortunately the system is automated so it slips by.


I think there is a guide somewhere for getting them removed from LN, but I'm not sure about the details.



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Re: Will my ex ever be removed from my CR?

"will my ex fall off my CR along with the foreclosure?" this entry should fall off altogether after 7 years..

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Re: Will my ex ever be removed from my CR?

It may takes many years for all the pieces to go away.  The first Mrs Backwoods and I went our separate ways 25 years ago and bits   and pieces seem to surface from time to time and I know everything was closed and paid off then. She married twice since then I can now get a glimpse into the other 2 ex's  credit history 

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Re: Will my ex ever be removed from my CR?

I feel your pain.  I foreclosed on a house we both bought and stupidly cosigned on a loan.  Both wrecked havoc on my credit dropping my score over 200 points.  I lost everything literally and had to move back in with my dad.

Through the help of this group I was able to get through it and just had to wait the 7 years.  It sucked a lot, but I made it through and it made me a stronger financially sound person.

Dating forever changed for me after this. I always brought up finances and debts.  Anyone that didn't care was someone I didn't want to associate with.  I realize everyone makes mistakes and over the years I have helped over a dozen people fix their credit and get back on track.

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Re: Will my ex ever be removed from my CR?

I'm suddenly feeling very lucky.


The former Mrs. Lucifer doesn't pop up on me at all and I can appreciate your frustration because I know how happy I am that I got oout with my good credit and no lingering issues like your's.


Funny though, all the times I had to answer some questions to very myself, I have never had questions come up regarding people - only what accounts I have or do not have and addresses I have resided at.



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Re: Will my ex ever be removed from my CR?

Count me among the lucky people.  My ex of 20 years was responsible enough to not tank on our Mortgage and home equity line of credit.  I do know that she overdrew our combined checking account after I finished paying child support (part of her thought those payments would last forever), but I managed to get myself removed from the account after I realized what happened.  Thankfully, last year she also sold the house that I was on the mortgage for paying both the mortgage and the equity line of credit to zero balances.  My scores shot up 20 points after that fact, so that was a nice boost that had been holding me back since 2011.  


When I met my current wife, finances were a topic of discussion early on.  There's no reason to waste time on someone that is financially irresponsible.  She's even better than me with credit and finances and makes half as much.  She's a keeper for sure.  

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