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Actually SD'ing my SD cards...

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Actually SD'ing my SD cards...

I love all my shiny credit and debit cards so much that I never wanted to be apart from them. But I realize how dangerous it is for me to carry all of them with me. Plus my wallet wouldn't close.


So, left in my wallet are:


NFCU cashRewards (which is gonna be my 'go to' card for now)

Chase Freedom (for my 5% gas and restaurants)

USAA Debit Card (just in case I need some cash)


Everything else is in the drawer! (Well, actually in the safe, but you get it..)


Current Score:652 EQ (Beacon 5.0), 647 EX, 647 EQ, 693 TU (USAA CMS), 684 TU (Walmart)
Goal Score:700 across the board

My Wallet: NFCU cashRewards Sig ($14k); Chase SW RR Sig ($6); USAA Cash Rewards MC ($2k); USAA Plat MC ($2k); USAA AMEX ($2k) GE/JC Penney ($4.4k); Chase Freedom ($1.5k); GE/Lowes ($1.8k); GE/Amazon ($1.7k); GE/Walmart ($5k); Cap 1 ($1k); Comenity/LB ($1K); Dillards AMEX ($2.1k)
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