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What was the longest time gardening your credit. 6 months was maximum for me, how about you. 

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Re: Gardening

I don't think I've went over 6 months.

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Re: Gardening

I've made it one year... twice!



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Re: Gardening

Little over 4 years was max.

Another was 3+ years.

Currently at 1 year 11 months from  AOD


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Re: Gardening

Made five years.

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Re: Gardening

When I couldn't get any credit I want about 5 years.  


When I was actively gardening I just lost my steak at 1 yr 4 months. 

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Re: Gardening

I recently snapped a 20 month gardening streak!

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Re: Gardening

I got to 13 months before I harvested some fruit last week, now I'm back in for another year.
I may repeat the 1 year cycle again too.

Back to gardening until Late February 2025.
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Re: Gardening

Almost six years. 


The whole time I had my eyes on the Citi Double Cash and Hotel cards Smiley LOL


Now I'm at like six or seven months...


AoA is almost at eight years though. So I'm getting closer and closer to making that thing dark green on my reports hahaha

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Re: Gardening

This year made 6 years and then I did some apps. Got approved for AMEX platinum, NFCU $25k, CITI double cash $3,500, CAP1 venture (second tier) $3000 and AMEX platinum. 

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