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Investing abroad

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Investing abroad

So having gone debt-free in 2021 and managed to accumulate some savings, me and my partner have been toying with the idea of investing abroad to diversify the portfolio and go for something less pricey than in the home market. After holidays in Mexico (Tulum) last year, we have been toying with the idea of getting one property over there with a view to getting another one in the next 5 years.


However, while digging up info, I have come across some data that (if accurate) is quite off-putting: If you look at the occupancy/revenue graphs, the occupancy in most cases is experiencing growth which completely doesn't co-relate with the revenue markers which are actually decreasing.


I've learned my lesson already and don't trust everything I find on the web so I'm wondering if there's any person on the forum that has any properties over there or is actively working in the market to help shed some more info on the subject. If you know anyone that is owning any property I'd love to hear his feedback/get in touch.


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