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Metal Discover Card

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Metal Discover Card

Yesterday while working at my part time gig which is Best Buy. I had a gentleman come in with a Discover More card but it was metal... Never seen that before. 

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Re: Metal Discover Card

Seriously?! I have been waiting for Discover to get metal cards! Has anyone else seen this?

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Re: Metal Discover Card

My discover card from a decade ago was metal, but the more recent one isn't.

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Re: Metal Discover Card

CapitalOne Venture has one but it's a randomized offer -- not sure what triggers it...

Because of this post, I shot Discover a note to see if it's TRUE and how to get one. I saw the article below but Discover is not on it.

Based on a previous comment, maybe the card u saw was old/grandfathered in. Report back what u find out, I'll do the same.

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Re: Metal Discover Card

After a bit of Googling I've learned that the Discover More card was discontinued in 2013 and replaced by the Discover It. 

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Re: Metal Discover Card



I was so excited.  


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Re: Metal Discover Card

Whaaaaa?? I want one! Lol maybe the really old Discos were metal?

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Re: Metal Discover Card

Yes his was a discover more.
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