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I used excel for a long time, but recently got the trial for MS Money Plus.  I don't see why every financially responsible person doesn't have it or another similar program.  It retails for $30, but I'm going to check the campus bookstore to see if I can get it a lot cheaper.  Still, $30 is very reasonable.  And I kinda halfway trust Microsoft Smiley Tongue

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Pretty cool website.

I like that I'm able to see all my accounts in one page and see balances etc. I even have my 401k info etc.

Also, it gives me a list of how much $$ spent I've on certain categories.

It's scary. I don't want to know I've spend 1.5k in shopping this month! But I guess I need a reality check.
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This is a great point! I actually got an email alert this week about my grocery spending being UNUSUALLY HIGH! It was.....we have been eating HIGH off the hog. I took and international cooking class, so I have been whipping up gourmet treats in the kitchen.

So I got an alert saying I spent about $400 more in the last thirty days than I normally do. WHEW! Well it is short lived....I go back to school in a week. SO the family eats whatever I can cook in under 20 minutes!

But yes I love the alerts!
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