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Reactions when presenting CSP

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

"It's so heavy!"


"Yeah, I know."


mod cut -you know why, I go to buy a six pack from 7-Eleven using my CSP where the plain-looking but nonetheless pleasant cashier girl fails to notice it because she's too busy carding my goofy high school-looking ass.


No seriously, 99% of people (who don't frequent these types of forums) won't even care.

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

j_casteel wrote:

mongstradamus wrote:

I rarely use my CSP for everyday spend I use my freedom,because CSP scratches way too easily 

weird, i have used mine several times daily for several months and it barely has any marks on it at all. 

I have had mine less than two months and in see scratches on it when I went to bakery to buy buy some pies to eat. From now on freedom gets most usage for ur points. I can't help using it when I use it for metro card and metro North tickets

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

Themanwhocan wrote:

I always get a reaction when I use my CSP. They usually say something like "would you like a receipt", to which I usually say no... 


Then a few minutes later they hand me a bag of taco's and ask me what taco sauce I would like... Highly suspicious behavior if you ask me.

This is brilliant! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

TBH i would get more compliments on my Marriott card - so much so I don't use it anymore. But for the most part I would say the CSP is a conversation starter. It gets so little use now with Fidelity AMEX and the now ending Freedom 5% restaurant. 

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

When I worked in retail the first time I saw one, a couple of years ago, I was shocked.

I asked the guy if it was metal (duh) and of course he responded yes. 


I didn't make a big deal of it and just said, "that's pretty awesome."


He was beaming! He seemed to like that it had bought some attention and I was glad to be the one to put that smile on his face. Smiley Tongue

EDIT: Now the crazy thing is... I went to Whole Foods the other day and the guy in front of me paid with an Amex Centurion (Black) Card... that was shocking... even more shocking when the card wouldn't go through the cashier seemed to be completely unaware of the prestige of the card... she stuck it in a plastic bag and tried swipping it like 10 times. The whole time I'm wondering what this guy did for a living, lol.

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

I had the CSP for 14 months and only got a handful of comments. Now I have the Ritz card and that almost always gets a reaction.

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP


So why not just give a crisp dollar bill to 8 people per month, you would get a definite reaction. Just say "Do you want this?" After all you're paying $8 per month for the CSP for a much less certain reaction Smiley Wink


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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

I'm more curious about the reactions you get from friends when you tell them you spent all evening scouring web sites on this topic.

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

I had one person make a comment about the CSP. The kid at the dry cleaners said he liked it. 


I think if you are looking for a reaction from a credit card you want to  get the one a poster up thread mentioned, the Chase Ritz-Carlton. That sucker is twice as heavy as the CSP and actually  "clanks" when you toss it on a counter. It cracks me up.  People are like **bleep**?  I think they were impressed.  Smiley Happy Good times.

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

Themanwhocan wrote:

heyarrnold wrote:

I went into CVS the other day, and the cashier had never seen a metal credit card. She was in complete shock haha. It was funny to see her reaction. She even asked the other cashiers near by, "have you ever seen anything like this before? I am still in shock!" LOL Smiley Tongue

That is strange, I swipe my own credit card at CVS. Doesn't matter if its the self service checkouts or not, there is still a place to swipe your own card.


And I can't tell much difference between a metal or a plastic card. Weight is barely noticeable. Magnets *barely* stick to it at all.

Purchases over 1k require them to swipe your ID and CC lol.

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