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Reactions when presenting CSP

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

Not only  do the cashier not care when I use mine but I have to tell that I was very disappointed when I got mine. I have never seen the real CSP card before I got mine and from reading all these comments how nice the card looks I have to admit I did expect a super nice looking card and what a disappointment Smiley Sad ...the card is nothing special and honestly the new Barclaycard Arrival + WEMC  looks much nice to

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

No reaction whatsoever since most places I go to, I have to swipe the card myself.   But I've seen reactions of people when they see Centurion card for the first time. Smiley Tongue

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

This thread got me curious if anybody with a Black Card gets a reaction and if so, what it is.  Sorry, slight deviation from topic.

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Re: Reactions when presenting CSP

I have worked retail and I will tell you the only cards that get my attention are Amex especially the black centurion for obvious reasons and the platinum or gold amex charge cards. A kind of random one that I like is the marriots rewards chase because its metal and black. Don't really care much for the chase sapphire but that is just my input

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