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Yahoo Mail Spam Mail/Virus & Hacking

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Yahoo Mail Spam Mail/Virus & Hacking


For the past three weeks, all of my friends in my contact list have been getting frequent emails from me, instructing them to open up a suspicious link. The problem is, I never use my contact list to send emails to a host of people. I believe that my yahoo account have been comprimised, and some hacker has got into my contacts on yahoo, and trying to send a virus to all my contacts, using me as the sender. I have emailed yahoo. but have gotten no response. Is this happening to someone else? Is there a virus going around, and yahoo has not discovered it yet? I'm now trying to disable that account, and will no longer use yahoo for email again. I'll just use gmail for now on. How do you disable an email address from yahoo? Or, that isn't possible?



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Re: Yahoo Mail Spam Mail/Virus & Hacking

Don't know how to disable, but when I had that problem last year with earthlink, they told me to change my password.  It worked.

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Re: Yahoo Mail Spam Mail/Virus & Hacking

+1 Change the password. I got an alert from Facebook that someone was trying to access my account from Missouri. Since I've changed my password I haven't had any issues.

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