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Check your rates again!

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Check your rates again!

I originally refinanced my private loans in February 2017 and got them reduced to 5.09% with Citizens Bank. Last year in July I decided to check my rates again due to the "record lows" we kept hitting and managed to get down to 3.93%, again with Citizens Bank.


This month I shopped around again and was initially disappointed with most, they were around 4% and I almost skipped it, but decided to check Earnest and Laurel Road directly. Earnest came out with something like 3.5% for 10 years but Laurel Road was what really got me. They were under 3% and they also have a "Linked Savings" account deal where you can maintain a certain amount of money in a savings account with them for extra %s off, minimum being like $1k for .15% off or 5k for .55% off.


I turned those quotes into SoFi and got a response of 2.238% for 7 years! Hit that apply now button right away and now it's processing but got the hard inquiry already. I'll be saving money by paying the minimums only compared to what I was going to be doing before and adding in more to pay off my last loan faster.

as of 1/1/23
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Re: Check your rates again!

This is excellent data. Thank you for sharing!

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