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Help with AES/CHASE


Help with AES/CHASE

Hello everyone this is my first post among the many I will make, and I'm in need of advice. I have an AES/CHASE loan that I have not been able To pay, not even one payment. Last activity on this loan was 9/2009 and I don't know what to do with it. I brought all my CC balances to zero and have less then 7% usage on them (cell phone, cable, etc that I pay off each month). I was able to get a car loan for 19k at 10% (I needed a car to get to work) that I never been late on. I just don't know what to do with the student loan. It's currently listed as a collection account with a contact member for status. I want to get my credit to 700+ in 3 years to buy house. What would be a good course of a action on this debt? Please help. Also sorry for grammar or phrasing using my phone to type this up.


***edit*** I believe it's a private student loan, but I can't remember is there a way to find out? 

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Re: Help with AES/CHASE

Go to the National Student Loan Data System ( and log in.  If the loan is listed there, it is a federal loan.  If it isn't, you have a private loan.


If it is a private loan, you'll need to handle it like you would any other collection account.  If you have the money, you'll want to work with the collection agency to pay a part or all of the balance in exchange for their removing the account from your reports.


If it is a federal loan, you have the option of rehabilitating the loan by working with the collection agency to make 9 on-time payments over 9 months.  Once you do that, your loan will be sold back to a servicer, the collection account removed, and the default status taken off the old loan.  You'll also get a new, clean tradeline for the loan.

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Re: Help with AES/CHASE

Thank you on the information you have provided. I did check the website you have provided and it is not listed there, so it is a private student loan. Does SOL and the 7.5 negative effect on credit apply to private student loans? Or is it like a federal and stays on forever? There is no way I can afford the 52k they are asking for settlement
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