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Help with DOFD

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Re: Help with DOFD

Benmarkley3 wrote:

Looking at your payment history July 2013 is your DOFD. So July 2020 is when it will fall off your report. And 3 months before that you can EE from Experian. 6 months before that EE from Transunion. Good luck getting Equifax to take it off early. But rumors are one month early is possible from them. It should be listed now as paid in full was a collection.


Well I only made one payment that brought the account "current" so to speak, which would have been in Jan 2016.  Other than that, it went into default (according to the government) on Oct 2012, which means the DOFD would have had to have been immediately following it going into repayment in Feb of 2012.  It used to be listed as a collections account but now is listed as an account in good standing, 120+ day late.  My main argument is that they are double triple dipping in the derog categories here.

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Re: Help with DOFD

No, because by what you provided it went current again after that date. DOFD is the date it went behind again and never was caught up.your account was caught up since that earlier date. That’s just how the law set it up. Had you never got back current that earlier date could be used.

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