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Made a mistake with Firstmark

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Made a mistake with Firstmark

Hello all. 

During the past few months I was involved in a brutal divorce and I had to be abroad while dealing with it. 

My mind just forgot about my Firstmark student loan. I paid before leaving the country and during my mind just wasn't on my affairs in the US. 

If I had been here I would have received a call and I would have remembered to pay. 

Unfortunately I paid after I came back to the US which was a few days after the 39 day grace period. I have never paid late in the past and my record with all creditors is perfect for the last 8 years. 

I understand Nelnet does not remove lates as they are a federal loan servicer. 

However these are private loans and I had some extenuating circumstances. I have otherwise a perfect record with them. 

How do I go about trying to get these off my credit record? 

I'm thinking goodwill letter first (would I need to attach proofs? I could if needed). 

Then maybe Lexington law or some firm to remove them. 

AmEx has already acted to reduce my credit limit by 80%! Literally the same day the lates hit the bureau. 

Please advise. 

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Re: Made a mistake with Firstmark

Since, as you noted, it's a private loan, I would go with the goodwill removal.
Check the saturation technique  in the rebuilding program.

Don't go with a "credit repair" agency of any kind.  They cannot do anything you can't do for yourself, and most of the time all they do is dispute information and hope it sticks.   Trust me - a dispute with Nelnet will not stick and will be worse.

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