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Which student loan should I get?

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Which student loan should I get?

Here is my situation:


I am in my 2nd year of community college and I am ready to transfer after the Summer quarter this year. I currently have government loans (sunsidized/unsubsidized). I want to get some opinions about getting one more private loan. I do have income but I also have a health condition that requires me to work less and focus more on study so that's why I am considering. However, it is unlikely for me to take one more private loan if my health recovers soon enough.


-I am not majoring in medical, just behavioral science

-I do not know where I will be transferring yet as the application is still in progress. However, i will still be in the same school (community college) for 2 more quarters. Can the private loan be carried over after my transfer and continue?

-I definitely want to get one that has lowest interest.

-Currently I have Fico 8 score 715. 10 years oldest history

-I would rather take a student loan that takes credit cards payments (for rewards and cash back). I know plastiq can do it but I do not want to pay the fee.

-My federal loans have no co-signer and I expect to not have any co-singer

-I want to know if the private loans will be disbursed directly to school or myself. I prefer not going through the school but I guess maybe it is a must? And will the private loan companies limit my amount if they know that I already have federal loans?

-I only know the most commons ones like.....collegeave, discover, sallie mae...... are they the best?


Thanks for all the suggestions Smiley Happy


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Re: Which student loan should I get?

I wish I had an answer, but I don't. 


You know your own finances and where you'll be after you're done with school better than anybody on here, but I would really do everything possible to avoid private student loans. 


I am curious if you find any loan providers that let you pay with a rewards card. 

800+ for all 3 CRAs.

Took 4 years after rehabbing a bunch of defaulted student loans, but totally worth it.
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